A Note from the President & CEO

Valued Partners,

As you may be aware, the mobile network operators have been working hard to develop an A2P solution that supports text-enabled, 10 digit landline numbers. There has been significant progress with this initiative which will allow A2P content, multi-use case applications, and conversational messaging to work over standard landline phone numbers. When implemented, landline messaging should be more streamlined and efficient for both businesses and consumers.

During this time of change, there has been much speculation in the marketplace as to the timing, cost, and implementation of this solution. As this is a brand new concept, carriers have had to adjust their thought process, technical approach, and overall rollout of this solution over the first half of the year. We expect there to be different rollout timelines and processes for each of the major wireless carriers.

We want to assure our partners (i.e. YOU) that we are in regular contact with the appropriate parties who are driving this solution rollout. We will give all of our partners proper notification and information to take advantage of this new solution so you can communicate with your own customers. We know how important this is to the industry and our customers, and we continue to participate in all aspects of this project, including some of the earliest trials, to support a successful rollout.

When there are specific and actionable details available, we will communicate these to you, our partners. Given the circumstances and ever changing approaches by the carriers,  the reality is this news could come tomorrow, next week, or next month. But we do expect carrier wide rollout of this throughout 2019 (with Verizon being the first most likely). As always, we encourage you to reach out to our outstanding Support, Sales, and Account Management Teams with any and all questions you may have.

Thank you for your continued partnership and trust in Aerialink.


Rich Scanlon, CEO
Chris Currie, President