About Us


Aerialink® is the leader in toll-free provisioning, texting, and leas-cost routing. The Aerialink robust cloud communications platform enables global delivery of SMS and MMS messaging.

Our drive for constant innovation and improvement allows us to provide tangible benefits over competitor solutions. One of the first United States aggregators to provide an alternative to short codes with our API for messaging on a 10-digit number, we continue to build out our API gateway technology with customer-driven features. And, spotting a need in the ecosystem for a customer support text management system, we developed a unique conversational messaging application that centrally manages text communications between an enterprise and its clients, and utilizes businesses’ existing toll-free or standard business numbers to text real-time with customers.

From small to large enterprises, businesses rely on our communications platform for fast and reliable message delivery to any of our supported 1,200 mobile networks in 220 countries.

We offer superior technical support and years of industry knowledge in communications best practices to every customer, acting as trusted advisor through service selection, deployment and the many intricacies of global messaging implementation.

Aerialink’s customers include service providers and enterprises such as State Farm, Intel, Wipro, HTC, Corning, Land O Lakes, AMN Healthcare, and Clark Pest Control. We are also rapidly expanding into new market segments such as property management, home services, BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance), travel & transport, hospitality, media & entertainment, and SaaS-based software businesses.

By choosing Aerialink, you can be rest assured that we are committed to your success. After all, your success leads to our success!


Each layer of the mobile ecosystem has its challenges: myriad protocols; complex connections, configurations and message routing; industry product alignment; network usage; compliance guidelines – the list goes on. Customers expect platform vendors like us to provide solutions to these challenges.


Aerialink simplifies the complex messaging ecosystem with a single-point, cloud-based communications platform.

The platform offers a broad range of numbers and delivery routes that support your messaging use cases. The self-serve portal allows you to tailor the configuration of your account and API, utilize testing tools, activate long codes and search our comprehensive knowledge base which embodies over a decade of industry experience.

In an ever-changing mobile industry with constantly evolving customer needs and demands, Aerialink stands for business agility through our well-architected platform and experienced team, increasing our customers’ speed-to-market with new features, products, and services.

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    “Throughout the years, I’ve learned how important it is to really listen to our partners unique needs and help them grow their businesses. Identifying each of our partner’s individual pain points and meeting them is how we form strong foundations for success. Culture builds a strong cornerstone for a great team. Our culture is excellent, and I feel like I can be myself — one team, one goal.”

    Danielle Rangel
    Account Director
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    “Our service approach is to treat every customer like they are our first; it may sound a bit cliché but it is accurate. Listening, understand, and driving continuous improvements is part of our company culture. Adding value to customers through our experience and industry expertise is the most satisfying aspect of my job!”

    Tevis Mahar
    Director of Product Enablement
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    “Service means being a trusted partner and not just another vendor. It is reflected in the questions we ask and our willingness to explore options that are different from 'how it's always been done'. It's reflected in our transparency and honesty in working through issues... as that's how I would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot.”

    Lauren King
    EVP of Sales & Business Development
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    “Service to me is actively acknowledging, truly listening, and engaging & collaborating with customers and colleagues, while striving to foster strong long-lasting partnerships. Service is being honest, transparent and providing value every step of the way. Service is not just simply meeting customer’s expectations - but exceeding them.”

    Trish Barno
    Account Director