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Working With Aerialink

“…when I dealt with most SMS providers, they tried to explain my needs based on their offerings, or based largely in the marketing-oriented arena, whereas my project was relationship-focused. But to the degree that all of these other companies were frustrating, Aerialink was incredibly helpful and reassuring.”
“Aerialink gave me more useful understanding about the various options and their implications than any other company, by far. “
“Aerialink is clearly focused on being flexible for the needs of the individual company and purpose.”
“…while we needed to communicate with engineers to clarify technical concerns in a number of cases, even very large companies did not have the clarity and ready assistance that Aerialink provided – and has continued to provide…”
“…the experience with Aerialink has been almost unique among companies I have dealt with, regardless of the industry, for their focus on helpfulness, expertise, and responsiveness to our individual needs.”

- Shawn Saavedra, Telecom Analyst

"Aerialink provides outstanding customer service and innovative solutions.”

- David Myers, Sr. Manager, Field Engineering, HTC


Aerialink, a subsidiary of CSF Corporation, is a leading mobile communications company providing a powerful messaging and location services platform via cloud APIs and Applications to businesses worldwide.  

As one of the first platforms in the US to offer a high value alternative to short codes, Aerialink’s innovative messaging solutions continue to fill a void in the market for enterprise-class communications.

The newly released Conversations application for centrally managing live text communications between enterprise and customer allows businesses to use their existing toll free or business number to text live with customers.

Aerialink is an aggregator of SMS, MMS, and Location Services.


Each layer of the mobile ecosystem has its challenges, from protocols, complex connections, configurations, and routing, to industry alignment on products, acceptable use of networks and compliance guidelines just to name a few. This presents challenges to the business customer who simply wants to engage via messaging with their end users.


Aerialink simplifies the confusion through the delivery of a single point, self-serve, cloud-based platform, a searchable knowledge base established over years of industry experience, testing tools, full service support and a consultative sales approach. The result of this well-architected platform and experienced team is agility, which allows Aerialink to quickly adapt and deliver new products and services based upon the ever-changing mobile industry and evolving customer needs.

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Careers & Culture

Aerialink was built from the ground-up as a sustainable company back in 2002. We continue to be on a rapid growth path and need your help. We are a driven team with an entrepreneurial spirit, committed to building the best mobile solutions possible. We love innovating and implementing new ideas, and we know that it’s the people who make products and companies great. We are looking for employees who share that same mindset.

Aerialink’s philosophy is to build a team with the best resources to fulfill a role (okay, multiple roles), regardless of location. Our representatives share a passion and spirit for building upon innovation that adds value to our customers. Aerialink is a high-energy, fast-paced, and exciting environment where change and growth is a given.

Oh. And every now and then we like to kick back and share stories over a beer. If this culture sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us, pronto!

Company History

Aerialink was founded by Chris Currie in 2002, and in 2009, the company formally launched its first messaging gateway platform. Chris has led the company as CEO prior to the acquisition of Aerialink by CSF Corporation. Now, after the recent acquisition, Chris continues to manage Aerialink as president of the CSF’s Aerialink subsidiary. He has also joined the CSF leadership team and is a member of the CSF company board.

For more information on CSF and Aerialink, visit our announcement page.