FCC schedules 833 toll-free number block opening on June 3rd, 2017

The FCC has announced the opening of the latest toll-free prefix, currently scheduled for release on June 3rd, 2017. This opening is a significant milestone for many companies seeking branded or memorable toll-free numbers for voice and texting, otherwise unavailable until now. New prefixes are not released often, the most recent being the 844 prefix in December of 2013. The original plan was to release the new toll-free numbers on April 22nd, but this date was later changed to June 3rd, 2017. The FCC is aware of the high demand and will be putting in some restrictions on how to obtain these sought-after 833 numbers. All 833 numbers will be released simultaneously and available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Contact Aerialink about the process to acquire specific 833 numbers. At code opening, CSF Corporation will run specialized algorithms designed to help our customers obtain their desired 833 numbers. The 833 toll-free numbers CSF acquires on your behalf will belong to your company, may be ported to any carrier of your choice and will be available for nationwide use. CSF will also provide proof of ownership for each 833 toll-free number acquired.

The Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform will text-enable your 833 numbers and deliver SMS messaging using your text messaging app or through our hosted live texting Web application, Aerialink Conversations. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity, submit preorder requests today!

Search Long Code Inventory

Our long codes are a key product for our customers’ message delivery. We have a large footprint of +1-originated standard long codes in our inventory which can be used for worldwide message delivery. By popular request, we are happy to announce that customers can now search our inventory of long codes either by City/State or NPA/NXX (Area Code), and then assign them to their account for immediate provisioning. All numbers, readily available and searchable – this tool is now live today!

The Wait is Over

The Texting and Smart Services (TSS) Registry has officially launched. Although it has been launched by SMS/800, it operates separately from but interacts with the SMS/800 voice platform to confirm that toll-free numbers are in fact working prior to pushing forward a request to enable SMS, which are now a formal part of toll-free services. This allows the mobile services and telecommunications industry to streamline the way we text-enable Toll-Free Numbers.

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America Movil Goes “Without Borders”

Unveiled on Thursday, Friday 16th of 2015, America Movil’s “Without Borders” plan provides Mexican mobile users the ability to use all components of their existing plan–text, voice, data–in the United States. While America Movil proclaims that they will “lead the integration of the Mexico and U.S.A. telecoms market,” the initial incarnation of “Without Borders” will only be available to postpaid customers, which only make up roughly 14.5% of America Movil’s 72.63 million domestic customers. However, there are plans moving forward to extend the service not only to include America Movil’s prepaid customers, but to stretch the “Without Borders” deal to include Canada in addition to the United States.

Multiple power players from both the U.S. and Mexico such as AT&T (who acquired Mexican Iusacell and Nextell Mexico) and T-Mobile US (who has already presented a free-roaming plan to both Canada and Mexico) in addition to America Movil (who, in fact, already owns Tracfone up here), fighting to lay claim to the first, best, fastest and most seamless integration of service across all of North America.

MMS Delivery Over 10-digit Numbers

Until now, when a business application needed to send or receive a picture message to a mobile handset, an MMS-certified short code (5 or 6 digit number for commercial messaging) was required. Now a business application may use a US registered 10-digit for MMS message delivery. Using a 10-digit number has a lot of advantages over using a short code. A business can use their existing business phone number, either their toll-free number (8XX) or their standard phone number. Using a business’s existing number provides a better overall end-user experience, as the user can choose to either call or text a number. The cost is lower for message delivery over a 10-digit number than a short code, and, overtime, the carrier reach will be broader.

FCC TCPA Clarifications

After receiving multiple petitions from companies looking to clarify points of confusion within the FCC TCPA, Chairman Tom Wheeler has proposed that they do just that. The proposal seeks to fix several gray areas – such as definition clarification, loophole closure and rule enforcement – and was on the docket for a vote from the FCC at their monthly meeting on June 18th, 2015.

Artificial Intelligence

Live Agents texting with customers is great, but when your Agents aren’t available, or are spread thin, AI’s (Artificial Intelligence) Natural Language Processing provides a similar user experience via automation. We have partnered with a company to integrate Natural Language Processing into our platform. Though we are in the beginning stages of this proof of concept, we are excited about the possibilities! What a great fit with our Conversations platform, it’s the next “natural” step to improve and optimize customer engagement.