Never Miss a Text – Round Robin Routing

Business texting is hot!  But how do you manage hundreds or even thousands of inbound text inquiries? Aerialink Conversations’ customers have been using Automated Text Routing methods for years, but one recently released method is getting a lot of attention and adoption at the moment: Round Robin Routing.

For those of you that use or offer call routing systems, you know that round robin call routing is adopted by many contact centers and businesses.  The popularity of this routing method made it an obvious addition for text routing.

In our second out of three blog posts about Automated Text Routing (ATR), we will describe how Round Robin works and how to enable it to manage inbound texts.

It really doesn’t matter if you have a handful of customer text inquiries trickling in or hundreds arriving at once in response to a campaign, a customer inquiry needs to be addressed, and the quicker the better.  Enabling Round Robin routing ensures that every new conversation that arrives is assigned ownership to an Agent so that you never miss a customer text.

How it works

Round Robin method assigns new inbound conversations to a pre-defined Group.   The assignment works in a circular manner to each logged in Agent that is a member of that Group.  When an Agent logs off, they are no longer included in the assignment rotation.  If all members of the Group are logged off, then the assignment will default to the next routing method governed by the system’s pre-defined order as follows:

  1. Keyword – when an inbound Keyword or Pattern (string of text) is received from mobile, lower level assignment rules are ignored.
  2. Customer Number – when Agent or Group assignment is specified in customer record, lower level assignment rules are ignored.
  3. Round Robin – when a Group is enabled with Round Robin assignment, lower level assignment rules are ignored.
  4. Business Number – when Business Number is auto-assigned to a Group or Agent, the conversation will be assigned to this method when none of the above rules are enabled.


A Company Admin role can enable Round Robin with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings>Agent Groups page and select “edit” for the Group to which you want to apply Round Robin routing.
  2. Enable “Round Robin” for the Group by checking the box.


  • There must be a minimum of 2 Agents assigned to the Group.
  • Only online Agents will be assigned Conversations. An Agent has a status of online only when they are on the Message Center page.  When the application Settings page is active, the Agent will be set to offline status.
  • Agent must be active and not disabled.

Tip:  You can easily change the Agents that are members of the Group in Settings>Agents and checking or unchecking the box next to the Group for each Agent.  If your organization operates with multiple shifts, consider creating Groups aligned to those shifts.

Get instructions for Conversations Automatic Text Routing (ATR) from our doc site.

Stay tuned for more information in part 3 of our Automatic Text Routing blog series.


Still Crazy After All These Years – About Texting!

In the ever-growing world of communications, businesses are faced with the challenge of selecting and supporting multiple customer engagement channels with an increasing number of mediums, platforms, and apps. Between SMS text messaging, email, voice calls, social media, and mobile apps, it can be daunting for a business to determine an engagement rollout plan, especially when varying customer demographics, markets and languages compound the complexities.

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Perform, Automate, and Personalize better with New Conversations Features! 

Conversations is designed to make your business texting experience more responsive, more automated, and more personalized.

Faster and more responsive

The things you do every day are faster than ever. Conversations has been optimized for improved performance with page loads, contact uploads (up to 3X faster), outbound campaign delivery, the conversation inbox view, and for Conversations SP Admins, we’ve added a search function on the Switch User page to help you quickly find subaccounts and users.

Smart Automatic Text Routing (ATR)

You have more options to auto-assign new customer conversations. Use the new routing rule called Customer Number Assignment to assign a conversation to the most relevant resource based on your customer’s mobile number so agents don’t waste time transferring texts.  Enable Round Robin Assignment which evenly distributes inbound texts to a predefined Group of online Agents.

Dynamic Inserts

When you send out a bulk text to your customers using Conversations Distribution List feature, you can automatically customize the SMS content using dynamic inserts containing a Mobile End User’s “First Name” and “Last Name.”  This creates a more personalized experience for your contacts and can lead to increased engagement.

Want more information? Email us at

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