Aerialink and Sat-Tel (SCSI) Implement Innovative Texting Solution for Service Members

Aerialink, a leading cloud based mobile communications company, along with Satellite Communications Systems, Inc. (SCSI) announced a collaborative deployment of a mobile texting solution for a U.S. Naval Station.

Naval Base Recognizes Importance of Staying in Touch With Loved Ones

Chicago, IL Apr 8, 2015 – Aerialink, a leading cloud based mobile communications company, along with Satellite Communications Systems, Inc. (SCSI) announced a collaborative deployment of a mobile texting solution for a U.S. Naval Station. Prior to the implementation, the base was unable to offer a text-messaging channel for service members to stay in touch with loved ones because there wasn’t a good way to route messages from a private network. SCSI and Aerialink have provided an innovative solution that uses both the unsecured private network along with the public cellular networks for two-way message delivery. Now personnel can stay in touch with friends and family back home via texting.

Here’s how it works – Service members and personnel can register their approved mobile phones for the texting service at the SCSI office at the base. When they send a text, the message takes one hop from the satellite on base, to the private network’s Short Message Service Center (SMSC), then hits the Aerialink Network Number Translation software to convert the devices’ phone number to a device-specific SMS enabled number. There is a direct SMPP connection to Aerialink’s infrastructure. The messages are delivered to the public wireless carrier networks via dedicated and redundant hardware switches and routers that are housed within ColoHub, Aerialink’s strategic datacenter partner, and then the text message lands in the inbox of the receiver’s device. The exact reverse occurs when a message is sent to the base.

“Though there are a lot of stages in the delivery of the message, the Aerialink platform is super fast,” stated SCSI Network Engineer Clay Zevely. “It’s as close to real-time delivery as you can get.” SCSI and Aerialink deployed the solution in 2014. “We have a good 9 months under our belt with the solution up and running and it has been very well received with a growing registration base.”

“The cornerstone of our business has always been our commitment to problem solving for our customer’s communications needs,” said Chris Currie, Aerialink’s CEO. “We continue to grow our toolbox of innovative products and collaborate with service providers to offer best in class solutions. Aerialink Network Number Translation software and the solution for private network wireless messaging is a good example of advancing that mission.”

Sat-Tel and Aerialink are planning for a next phase to upgrade the service to include MMS messaging so that service members can send and receive pictures, videos and audios messages.

About Aerialink, Inc.

Aerialink, Inc. is a leading mobile communications company providing a powerful messaging and location services platform via cloud APIs and Applications to businesses worldwide. As one of the first platforms in the US to offer a high value alternative to short codes, Aerialink’s innovative messaging solutions continue to fill a void in the market for enterprise-class communications. The newly released Conversations application for centrally managing live text communications between enterprise and customer allows businesses to use their existing toll free or business number to text live with customers. Aerialink is an aggregator of SMS, MMS and Location Services and is a United States FCC licensed telecommunications carrier.

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