Perform, Automate, and Personalize better with New Conversations Features! 

Conversations is designed to make your business texting experience more responsive, more automated, and more personalized.

Faster and more responsive

The things you do every day are faster than ever. Conversations has been optimized for improved performance with page loads, contact uploads (up to 3X faster), outbound campaign delivery, the conversation inbox view, and for Conversations SP Admins, we’ve added a search function on the Switch User page to help you quickly find subaccounts and users.

Smart Automatic Text Routing (ATR)

You have more options to auto-assign new customer conversations. Use the new routing rule called Customer Number Assignment to assign a conversation to the most relevant resource based on your customer’s mobile number so agents don’t waste time transferring texts.  Enable Round Robin Assignment which evenly distributes inbound texts to a predefined Group of online Agents.

Dynamic Inserts

When you send out a bulk text to your customers using Conversations Distribution List feature, you can automatically customize the SMS content using dynamic inserts containing a Mobile End User’s “First Name” and “Last Name.”  This creates a more personalized experience for your contacts and can lead to increased engagement.

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