Many carriers such as AT&T and Verizon do not configure your landline for texting, so you need a specialty provider like Aerialink to perform the service. We can text-enable your U.S. and/or Canadian standard and toll-free landline numbers.

Text to Your Landline Number

Your business landline numbers stay with your current voice provider, eliminating lengthy number porting delays.

Robust Provisioning API

Aerialink’s provisioning API automates your BYON process and is available to qualified enterprise and service provider customers with recurring text enablement needs.

Worldwide Coverage

Standard landline (non-toll-free) numbers have global reach. Toll-free texting is restricted to the U.S. and Canada.

Ensures Permission Integrity

As a certified registrar, Aerialink ensures the integrity of your business numbers by requiring proof of number ownership before we text-enabling numbers and using a trusted number registry for the provisioning process to assure proper message routing.

App Support for Text Messages

Aerialink offers hosted applications for businesses to manage text conversations with their business line numbers.