Brand Your SMS Messages

Use your business name as the sender ID when sending one-way messages to supported countries.

High Volume Delivery

Sender IDs run on Aerialink’s high-volume, reliable route for one-way bulk delivery. Send messages via SMPP or our REST API.

Easy Registration

Quickly register and activate your sender ID by subscribing to Aerialink’s Sender ID Messaging Plan. Some countries require you to pre-register your alphanumeric sender IDs and only allow transactional messages.

International Coverage

Except for countries in the North American Numbering Plan (+1 country code), most other countries support sender ID delivery.

Sender IDs With Up to 11 Chars

Include up to 11 alphanumeric characters in your custom sender ID. IDs can be any combination of alphabetic and numeric characters. Lowercase and uppercase characters are supported. Spaces are not recommended.

No Additional Cost

By signing up for an Aerialink International Outbound Plan, you may register up to 10 sender IDs in your account. There are no monthly lease fees for sending SMS messages with alphanumeric Sender ID to most countries.