High-volume Messaging

Use 5 or 6 digit short codes for high volume delivery. Deliver messages with low latency and high throughput. Send up to 100 messages per second.

Messaging Characteristics

U.S. short codes support SMS & MMS. SMS text messages support up to 160 characters and concatenated messages; MMS allows for long plain text messages and picture messaging. Canadian short codes support SMS with up to 136 characters and concatenated messages.

Advanced Features

Interactive, two-way message delivery. Users can initiate a request via a keyword and receive an automated response. Track delivery status information in the form of carrier acknowledgment and carrier handset delivery receipts. Embed shortened URLs into your message content including Bitly and TinyURL links.

Reliable Delivery

Short code marketing campaigns require pre-approval by all supported wireless carriers. Offer reliable, high quality message delivery to your subscribers. Utilized for mission-critical programs. Aerialink manages the carrier certification process on your behalf.

Lease a Short Code

Choose a vanity short code with a recognizable number for branding, or a lower-cost random number. Select between dedicated and shared short codes. Want to get to market right away? Inquire about our pre-approved, dedicated short codes to eliminate the typical 6 to 10-week carrier certification process.

CSCA Top Application Provider

Aerialink is a recognized “Top Application Provider” serving CSCA (Common Short Code Administration) customers. Whether you are new to short codes or migrating existing short codes, our decade long experience will ensure your program’s success.