Smart Routing Keeps Getting Smarter with Aerialink

From the start, Aerialink Conversations has been focused on versatility which has been driven by an on-going stream of customer requests that powers our release cycles. Today, we would like to tell you about our latest, customer-driven feature for Automatic Text Routing which delivers versatility by adding two new routing methods.

Automated routing assigns conversations according to your instructions. This hands-off approach helps streamline time-consuming work of reading a message and then having to transfer it to another team member who has to reread it and respond. Being able to connect with customers in ways that are convenient for them is important so that they can get to the right person to help them quickly. But it is also important for the business side to have convenient ways to track those conversations and get them to the right place.

Many call centers and businesses have software to handle automated call distribution methods for inbound voice calls, but lack support for handling inbound texts and the automation of how those messages are assigned.

Here’s what we recently launched:

The newest routing methods include Customer Number Assignment and Round Robin Assignment.

Customer Conversation Assignment makes sure that the phone number from which a customer texts, is consistently assigned to the Conversations Group or Agent specified in the customer’s profile. This empowers the business to ensure customers are matched with the best advisor for their inquiry and provide continuity in servicing the customer. By recognizing the customer number, Conversations allows you to predetermine what skill set or location is needed to handle their inquiry. For example, you can auto-assign your most valuable customers to a Group of team members called “VIP” or to their personal account manager.

A contact center can include the Group or Agent ID within their CRM system and provide an output file that Conversations will load on a recurring schedule. An Agent can also manually specify the customers’ Group or Agent from a dropdown menu in the Settings>Mobile End User page.

The priority order of Auto-Assignments is governed by predefined rules in Conversations. Conversation Auto-Assignment by:

  1. Keyword – when an inbound Keyword or Pattern (string of text) is received from mobile, lower level assignment rules are ignored.
  2. Customer – when Agent or Group is specified in a customer record, lower level assignment rules are ignored.
  3. Round Robin – when a Group is enabled with Round Robin assignment, lower level assignment rules are ignored.
  4. Business Number – when Business Number is auto-assigned to a Group or Agent, the conversation will be assigned to this method when none of the above rules are enabled. In our next blog, we will cover the Round Robin method.

These new methods should be a great fit for customers who are looking to further optimize their automated text handling.