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Broadcast Messaging Improvements

We are excited to announce added improvements to the highly used Distribution List feature (the feature used to send a broadcast message).

Aerialink customers told us they want more visibility and controls when it comes to sending a broadcast message and the ability to report on the outbound messages sent to a list of mobiles. The improvements we made are a direct response to that feedback and underscore our commitment to delivering a solution that’s uniquely designed to address the needs of those serious business users.

The Distribution List was previously designed as a lightweight tool to simply send a broadcast message with the ability to reuse your lists of mobile end users.  With the update, we’ve expanded the database so that the application may capture, store, and expose relevant and useful meta data associated with the broadcast.

Here’s what we added:

  • Auto-assign inbound replies from your broadcast to a specific Group or Agent.
  • Track which conversations were initiated with a broadcast using the Distribution List feature. An internal memo generated by the system will specify this in every thread.  In the near future, we will also provide a report that will show how many unique mobiles replied to a broadcast message so that you may track the responsiveness of a campaign.
  • Visibility to the business number that sent the message from the “Previous Messages” view.
  • And best of all, when setting up your Distribution List, when you choose the option for not including the outbound message to your inbox, the outbound messages are now captured for reporting purposes.

Want more information? Email us at info@aerialink.com