What Service Means To Us                

#ExpectExcellence                                                                                                        It’s more than just a job. Enabling communications is what we do – Serving partners & building relationships is what we love.

Lauren King, EVP of Sales & Business Development

“Service means getting alongside our partners and understanding their business and their vision well enough to anticipate and meet their needs. It means being a trusted partner and not just another vendor.  It means answering the questions they’ve asked and the ones they didn’t ask but should have – especially if it will have a material impact on their business.  It means resolving things as quickly as possible and setting clear expectations with our customers so they know what to expect.

Service is reflected in the questions we ask and our willingness to explore options that are different from ‘how it’s always been done’. It’s reflected in our transparency and honesty in working through issues…as that’s how I would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot.”

Danielle Rangel, Account Director

“Throughout the years, I’ve learned how important it is to really listen to our partners unique needs and help them grow their businesses. Identifying each of our partner’s individual pain points and meeting them is how we form strong foundations for success. Culture builds a strong cornerstone for a great team. Our culture is excellent, and I feel like I can be myself — one team, one goal.”

Trish Barno, Account Director

“Service to me is actively acknowledging, truly listening, and engaging & collaborating with customers and colleagues, while striving to foster strong long-lasting partnerships. Service is being honest, transparent and providing value every step of the way. Service is not just simply meeting customer’s expectations – but exceeding them.”

Tevis Mahar, Director Of Product Enablement – Messaging

“Aerialink and CSF Corporation share a client-centric approach to doing business, with a focus on building enduring, trusted relationships.  That’s one of the many reasons why we operate so well as one company.

Starting from day one, our focus has been on delivering excellent service. We saw how important it was to our partners to receive quick response times to their inquiries and obtain guidance based on our industry experience. While competing aggregators were zeroed in on the volume of messages running through their transaction houses, Aerialink offered clients a boutique approach by being attentive to their complex messaging challenges and providing solutions driven by industry expertise.

Now thousands of users later, we have continued to scale our service approach to treat every customer like they are our first; it may sound a bit cliché but it is accurate. Our mission is ‘Expect Excellence’ and I see our teams strive for that on a daily basis. We have dedicated account managers for every partner and multiple weekly meetings that drive agendas specific to meeting customer needs and improving their experiences. We all rally around the customer to ensure their success; Our CEO and President are active participants in our customer-centric approach and help with escalations.

I onboard new messaging customers and help drive our product and integration roadmap. A smooth launch takes more than just handing over the API document.  We work very closely with our customers during the onboarding process to ensure a successful deployment.  Listening, understanding and driving continuous improvements is part of our company culture.  Adding value to our customers through our experience and industry expertise is the most satisfying aspect of my job!”