“Conversations was superior to every solution we evaluated in the market. The application allows us to collaboratively address significantly more inquiries.”

James Dang
The Pro Nails Marketplace


Aerialink® Conversations SP (PDF) is a powerful management solution for administering branded texting applications to your customers or entities under your business umbrella. It’s designed for service providers and enterprises looking to expand or enhance their business texting capabili- ties and offering.

If you are a service provider and looking to increase your revenue, Conversations SP also provides a great opportunity for business growth through this new business texting revenue stream. Conversations SP is designed for companies who would like to offer solutions under their own brand or umbrella, and who would like to partner with Aerialink in the background providing messaging expertise.


“I don’t know anyone who likes calling a business. […] We think you should be able to message a business in the same way you would message a friend.”

Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook at F8 in 2016

How It Works

From their mobile device's native messaging app, a customer texts an inquiry to your business number. The message arrives in the secure, browser-based Conversations inbox, similar to an email application. If the user is registered in Conversations, the agent will see the customer's first and last name displayed and can reply with a personalized response. An agent may also assign a new text message or an entire conversation to another agent or group of agents. The Conversations application maintains the thread of the conversation, making it easy to follow past interactions between the business and the customer. An agent may also initiate a dialogue by sending out an initial message to a client.

Conversations supports centralized management of all text conversations across an organization. By so doing, it simplifies operations; provides management visibility to customer communications; and supports collaboration through its multi-agent application design. Conversations seamlessly interfaces with Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform to deliver an end-to-end solution that connects your business to over 1200 mobile carriers worldwide. It is designed from the ground up as a SaaS application with collaboration at its core. Conversations offers a feature-rich experience with the flexibility to tailor workflows to meet an organization's needs.

It supports any size business from small organizations to large enterprises. Aerialink also offers Conversations to service providers, resellers and multi-tiered organizations that require a white-labeled application for which they have complete control over application administration, provisioning and branding.


  • Multi-entity management The account structure is set up as an ownership hierarchy, where the top-level (Super Service Provider - owner) can have multi-entities under their account, consisting of sub level resellers (Service Providers) and direct users of Conversations (Companies).
  • Offer a solution under your own brand The application can be easily branded with a custom logo, custom website domain, and user interface color theme. Each subaccount can inherit your SP theme, or you can change the theme based on your customer’s needs.
  • Configurable account setup, no I.T. skill required Every business is different, and so their communications work ows and needs may be unique to their particular operation. Conversations SP gives you exibility to tailor the application through You can use the Admin user interface, with no I.T. skills needed. If you are a RespOrg and use the 8MS Cloud toll free provisioning platform, you can setup Conversations accounts through that UI.
  • Conversations Account Provisioning API Shrink the time needed to setup accounts by automating the provisioning of multi-entities. This API allows for programmatic access to the Conversations configuration data. Large organizations with many entities or properties can automate account setup.
  • Allows you to assign a conversation to an agent group or another individual.
    Supports both one-on-one conversations and one-to-many messages sent to a distribution list of customers.
  • Provides simple administration to add users & assign to them groups.
    Supports message forwarding to your email inbox and mobile messaging app — from where you can also reply.
  • You can easily add a Click-to-Text button to your website to help users initiate conversations.
  • Best-in-class SaaS application with scalable pricing and global message delivery.
    Enables application white-labeling for service providers and qualified, large end customers.


  • Texting to existing toll-free and standard business phone numbers opens up an important new customer channel that benefits your customers and your business.
    As a complete end-to-end solution, Conversations allows you to quickly get to market and differentiate your customer service to improve customer satisfaction and grow revenues.
  • Conversations not only offers one-to-one and one-to-many texting, but augments it with powerful team collaboration and workflow features to support small and large businesses.
  • Customers gain visibility of their business-to-customer communications through a centrally managed solution.





Aerialink Conversations is a full-featured, business-class application designed for your teams to centrally manage all their business texting conversations.



With Aerialink Email-to-SMS, you can quickly and easily send emails and have your customers and staff receive them as SMS messages.



With Aerialink Landline-to-Mobile, text messages sent to your business number are automatically forwarded by Aerialink to your mobile number, from which you can reply.