Texting is the preferred channel for business-to-millennial communications and growing quickly to include older adults as well. Many customers prefer text messaging over emailing and voice calls for appointment reminders, delivery notifications, and payment reminders.

The Aerialink® Email-to-SMS application makes it easy to send and receive SMS messages via your favorite email application from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition to conversational texting, Email-to-SMS can be used when you have system-generated email notifications and alerts that you want to send as SMS.

You can add templates to your Email-to-SMS account that provide message content formatting. For example, Email-to-SMS, has a built-in template for Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) used by many enterprises for security authentication. ISE creates system-generated emails with notification content containing password credentials. Since SMS is a preferred method to receive notifications, Email-to-SMS converts the email to SMS and formats the content for delivery.


Email to SMS Messaging | Aerialink

How It Works

Each email account is registered with a unique text-enabled number. The number can be your existing business landline number or a number you lease from Aerialink.

The Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform converts the email message to an SMS on the outbound message and delivers it to the mobile handset. When the recipient replies, the platform converts the SMS message to an email and forwards it to your specified email account.

Aerialink Email-to-SMS uses the SMTP/POP3 email protocol and supports any plain text email service, including all popular email clients and webmail services. Aerialink Email-to-SMS is more reliable than emailing to a mobile carrier domain address with the user's mobile number.


  • Send an email to an individual or multiple recipients (maximums apply).
  • Use your business landline to send and receive the SMS message. Supports toll-free (8XX) numbers and standard landline numbers; leased numbers from Aerialink; and Int'l Alphanumeric Sender IDs.
  • Supports global, two-way message delivery.
  • Add new users, email accounts, and phone numbers through the Aerialink Platform Portal.
  • Portal provides a web page for viewing entire message thread.
  • Works with any email service.
  • Templates can be used for formatting message content.


  • Allows you to separate your business from your personal text messages.
  • Enables you to type your SMS message as email text from your desktop or laptop.
  • SMS has much higher open rates compared to email.
  • Aerialink Email-to-SMS is easy to setup and use.
  • Increase speed of deployment by leveraging content templates.

“AMN Healthcare has partnered with Aerialink for over 4 years for our messaging needs. Their Email-to-SMS is ideal for our recruiting staff to engage in one on one conversations. We have great confidence in their knowledgeable team and platform.”

David Muck



Aerialink Conversations is a full-featured, business-class application designed for your teams to centrally manage all their business texting conversations.



With Aerialink Email-to-SMS, you can quickly and easily send emails and have your customers and staff receive them as SMS messages.



With Aerialink Landline-to-Mobile, text messages sent to your business number are automatically forwarded by Aerialink to your mobile number, from which you can reply.