Compare Aerialink with Twilio

Offering phone support from a knowledgeable technical team, a comprehensive portfolio of mobile services, and customer engagement like no other – all on top of a proven, high performance platform – when you get down to it, there’s no comparison between Aerialink and our competitors.

Aerialink Twilio
Delivery Super fast network Throttled, slower network
Focus Enterprise-class messaging, solution-focused Developer, volume-focused
Engagement Highly engaged, consultative partnering approach Hands-off service approach
Customer Enterprise, Service Providers, Multi-division structured businesses, support customers with post-pay requirements. We also support Gov’t, Education and innovative service startups. Target individual developers, start-ups, prepaid model
Technical Support Phone and email included in standard support Email-only standard support
Protocols SMPP, HTTPS, SMTP, SIP HTTP and SIP only
Confirmation Real-time handset delivery confirmation where supported Doesn’t offer Real-time handset delivery reports
Managed Sends Network-optimization for Long Code delivery No network-optimization
Platform Designed for teams, supports subaccounts Designed for individual developers
Console Send live SMS from our API console for testing & to learn how it works, all from our Platform, nothing to install, execute or integrate Not that we know of
Core SMS Voice
Facing a mobile data communications challenge? Professional problem solvers, agile, customer-driven platform features. The existing platform may or may not meet your requirements.