Empower your team to text live with customers.
Text-enable your existing business telephone numbers.
It’s a fresh new way to engage and support your customers.

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There hasn’t been a good business-class solution for live texting that is built for team collaboration and visibility for management …until now.

What is “live” texting?

  • Real time engagement with

  • Real people, (not system-generated)

  • Real personalized

How It Works

Customer texts to your existing business telephone number from their normal message app.

Reply from Conversations on any web-connected device, or forward the message to a different team member to reply. View message history between company and customer.

Software as a Service hosted in a private cloud

  • No infrastructure
  • No installs
  • Enterprise ready
  • Month to month subscriptions
  • Secure web-connected application
  • Use desktop, tablet, smartphone

Text enable your toll free numbers!

Empower your Call Center Agents with the tools to respond to large volumes of text-based inquiries.

Picture, video, and
audio messaging

Strengthen your competitive edge by enhancing customer communication through the delivery of rich media content in the form of MMS messages. Device-agnostic, two-way messaging has an unlimited number of uses.

Not logged in to Conversations? We’ve got you covered with email2sms

Forward and reply via your email account when you are away from the application.


It's all the buzz.

Many customers prefer texting to any other two way communication method.

It’s unintrusive.

It is more discreet than a phone conversation, making it the ideal form for communicating when you don't want to be overheard.

It’s fast.

It is often less time-consuming to send a text message than to make a phone call or send an e-mail.

Automatically generate instant, intelligent text conversations.

Create next-generation text experiences using advanced natural language processing. Start the conversation with a simulated Agent, and when needed, seamlessly continue the conversation with a live Agent.

Now it’s easy to manage conversations with customers.

Maintains message history and threaded conversations. You can setup filters to create custom views in the Message Center. The team can share a message inbox and transfer messages to other agents. Share internal notes, and insert your pre-written responses for quick replies to messages.

“Aerialink’s Conversations solution has given us the ability to quickly activate a new contact channel for our existing and potential customers – a channel that customers have quickly started to adopt. The service gives us the ability to respond to text messages sent to our text-enabled business phone numbers. We strive to make contacting us a simple experience and Conversations has helped us continue to do just that. Plus, the Conversations service is easy to use and even easier to administer.”

Matt Beckwith
Contact Center Dir.
Clark Pest Control

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