Composing and sending a text message is now as quick and easy as creating and sending an email message.

How It Works

You are assigned a phone number that corresponds to your email account. You type a message from your email and send.

Our Message Proxy converts it to an SMS message and delivers it to a text-enabled recipient.

The recipient receives the text message, and the reply arrives back in your email.

your business messages from your personal messages.

You’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

You’ll love texting with a keyboard instead of an on-device keyboard.

Allows you to text to a distribution list, view on-going message threads.

It’s a high-value solution, with no long term carrier contracts.


US & Canada

email2sms works great in North America as it uses a +1 country code for message delivery.


Available to int’l destinations where mobiles send to and receive from +1 country codes.

Which email programs work with email2sms?

Outlook OMS

All Other Email Applications

It works with all email programs, web-based or client-server software-based, and all the standard email protocols such as POP3, IMAP, etc. It’s really flexible.

Simple Online Administration

The online administration application allows you to add new users, edit account records, activate and deactivate users, and tie your long codes or TEXT Numbers to a new email user.

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