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Bulk Texting Solutions (send the same message to many mobiles)

  • Using your existing business application, interface with Aerialink REST API, SMPP or MM4
  • Subscribe to Conversations, an intelligent, ready to launch application. Create an unlimited number of customer lists and send SMS and MMS to 10,000 users per list.
  • Offering multiple carrier routes which support bulk message sends: Short codes, toll-free numbers, standard numbers, sender IDs for int’l delivery.

Group Texting Solutions (all replies are received by all members in the group text)

    • Using your existing business application, interface with Aerialink Gateway using MM4.
    • Group texting uses MMS (Multi-media Messaging).

With your free trial you can

Centralized Message Repository

Give your team the big picture! No longer are your B2C text conversations locked up in your staff’s personal cell phones with no visibility to management or team members.  All messages can be tracked in a single, centralized place.

Shared Inbox

Take advantage of one of Conversations’ core benefits: working seamlessly with others. A shared inbox configuration makes it easy for a group of people to track and reply to text messages.  Team members can transfer a conversation, write internal notes in line with a conversation, and share Quick Replies for message consistency across your team. One team member can pick up a conversation where another member left off.   Private configuration options are also available.

Instant Agent Groups

Organize your team into Groups. Team members can be associated with any custom-defined Group to better service the customer and align with your business model.  For example, create groups for Sales and Service, or for different business locations. Creating a new Group is created with just a few clicks.

Message broadcast + scheduler

Conversations is the only texting application that supports both direct messaging and broadcast messaging to large lists.  Send to many mobiles with 1 click. Build an unlimited number of distribution lists and reuse them on a recurring basis.  Use the scheduler to automatically send at a future date and time.


Offering both time-based replies that support after-hours, and “one moment please”, to complex pattern-based keywords.

Quick Replies

Prewritten replies are easily inserted to reduce the time to respond to common inquiries.  Quick Replies can be written on the fly and saved to your own profile or shared by an Admin with the entire team.


Use your phone's native texting app to send and receive texts. Conversations will relay your incoming and outgoing messages using your business number so that your personal number is never shown.  The relay feature uses a go-between number behind the scenes that hides your mobile number. Conversations also lets you receive and reply to texts via email.  You get mobility across devices and platforms while maintaining your business identity.

Built with a purpose

Developed with the purpose of assisting small business owners, software providers, and technologies looking to provide unique software solutions without the hassle and management of payments while keeping control of their strategy.

Enjoy the Aerialink Advantage

High performance gateway rocket

High-performance Gateway

Aerialink supports real-time delivery of SMS and MMS messaging globally with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Global delivery icon

Reliable Message Delivery

Aerialink offers a range of two-way and one-way message delivery options over high-quality routes with reach to over 1,200 mobile network operators worldwide.

Superior Support icon

Superior Customer Support

Aerialink takes a hands-on, consultative approach to new customer onboarding and provides the industry's most responsive technical support.