A rock-solid mobile platform and gateway for enterprise providing messaging, location services, and voice all in one place.

It Just Works

A reliable, carrier-grade platform and gateway engineered with attention to detail.

Guaranteed Uptime

High availability is a must-have to maintain the level of service your organization has come to expect. We put measures in place to guarantee service availability and ensure around-the-clock, 24/7/365 operation with 99.95% uptime. Still wary? We also offer an SLA to help put you at ease.

Dynamic Scaling

Aerialink provides a highly reliable and scalable infrastructure for deploying mobile data communications programs. It is elastic with the ability to scale with your delivery needs.

Cloud Architecture

Agile, high-performance virtualized cloud environment on the back end, modern and intuitive on the front end. Our platform is fast, efficient and facilitates reliable, high-volume communication exchange.

Well Connected

Connect to users worldwide: Deliver messaging, voice, and location from a single platform.

The Coverage

Aerialink has international coverage connecting you to more than 1,200 networks in over 220 countries worldwide. This equates to 5.2 billion global subscribers; more than 98% of U.S. mobile subscribers alone.

The Solution

We are a single-point, full-service solution offering one of the most comprehensive mobile data communications portfolios in the world. Our platform is built for teams to manage and deliver SMS, Flash SMS, MMS, Location Services, Voice and SMS enablement of telephone numbers. Messaging services include one-and-two-way delivery over short codes, long codes and dynamic sender ID's.

The Support

We've developed an unmatched reputation for delivering responsive and professional technical support and expertise. Get help by talking to a live person, email us or use our support ticket form. We also provide consultation services to help you overall with your mobile strategy.

Get Some REST

We've done the work for you! Innovate and interface with ease using our RESTful API.

Get Some REST

Don't worry about the responsibility of writing the code or the hassle of complex integration. We've done most of the work for you with our easy-to-use REST API. Our job is simplifying the developers' job, so we've designed a straight-forward web interface to services hosted by our mobile communications platform. You can even perform live API tests with multiple resources by using our new Console. When we say REST we mean a peaceful afternoon nap because you will be up and running with in minutes.

Innovate With Ease

The goal of Aerialink is simple: to foster innovation in the mobile communications industry. Developers, start-ups, and large enterprises alike can use Aerialink to build messaging, voice, and geo-location services to gain or maintain a leading edge. Use the Aerialink API Console to simulate the behavior of our API and send test messages from our platform to put your mind at ease before purchasing a plan.

You've Got Options

Aerialink offers the widely used, carrier-grade SMPP protocol to interface with your application, while also supporting HTTP, HTTPS via REST API, and SIP for inbound voice calls.

See How the API Behaves using the API Console

The Aerialink API console makes it easy to learn, and test our mobile data communications API. The web-based interactive utility lets you easily try different methods and response schemas, and generate sample code. It’s a great way for developers to send and receive API calls all within an emulated environment.

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