By using basic HTTP method verbs to specific resource URIs, this protocol is available for all major programming languages and is extremely easy to use with our REST API.



SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) is an open, industry-standard protocol designed to provide a flexible interface for the transfer of SMS messages between External Short Message Entities (ESME), and Short Message Service Centers (SMSC) , using a standard internet connection. Aerialink supports SMPP specifications versions 3.3 and 3.4.



Used for the delivery of picture messaging, MM4 is an SMTP based protocol that is normally used by service providers and mobile operators for interconnecting their Multimedia Message Service Centers (MMSCs).



“Our SMS Messaging Server interfaces with the Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform to enable users to trial our server with reliable message delivery. We've been partnering with Aerialink for over seven years and highly recommend their platform to all our customers who need SMPP connectivity.”

Bart Jonkman