Global SMS

A global SMS delivery platform and API to exchange text messages over high-quality carrier network routes with any phone, anywhere in the world.

“Cyara has worldwide message delivery requirements. We use Aerialink's Email-to-SMS application with toll-free numbers and alpha sender IDs to forward critical system notifications via SMS. We are extremely satisfied with the reliability of the Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform.”

Valery Topilin

Key Features & Use Cases

Business Numbers and Short Codes

Exchange SMS with your existing landline and toll-free numbers, short codes or customized alphanumeric sender ID. Use local long codes and short codes for international destinations. Send long SMS messages using message concatenation.

One-way and Two-way Delivery

Use Aerialink to send messages outbound from your application. Exchange both outbound and inbound messages for conversational and request-response message flows.

Delivery Receipts

Track message delivery status (via API) throughout the life cycle of outbound messages, from carrier receipt to mobile handset receipt.

Bulk Sends

Reach your contacts quickly and efficiently via bulk SMS and MMS promotions, alerts, and other social engagements.


Choose between RESTful API via HTTP and SMPP interfaces to connect to the Aerialink gateway.

Global Delivery

Enable real-time, high-throughput message delivery over reliable, quality routes to over 1,200 mobile network operators in 220 countries.

Account Balance Updates
Loyalty & Promotional Deals
Reminders, Alerts, & Notifications
Customer Feedback Surveys
Marketing Promotions & Offers
Reservation Confirmations & Updates


  • Comprehensive SMS delivery options for all your use case needs.

  • Text-enable your existing landline business and toll-free numbers for improved customer service.

  • Use short code SMS for high volume texting.

  • Rapidly integrate your applications with Aerialink's easy-to-use SMS API.

  • Enable real-time two-way text communications with your customers.

  • Deliver your messages reliably over 1,200 mobile networks globally.

API & Documentation

Sending an SMS is one of the most common tasks performed on the Aerialink platform. It is as simple as posting to the Messages resource, but since it's a common action it's worth looking at in detail.


API Interface: HTTPS
URI: /v4/messages
Methods: POST
Response Schemas: JSON (default), XML