“We provide a service with on-demand number provisioning for our customers. Aerialink’s Cloud Communications Platform allows us to offer a broad footprint of localized numbers for SMS and MMS text messaging and automate the number activation through their API. Near real-time activation gives us an edge on our competition.”

Lincoln Hume

Key Features & Use Cases

  • Business Numbers & Short Codes

    Send and receive MMS (multimedia messages) with your existing landline or toll-free business numbers or leased 10-digit number. MMS texting is also supported on U.S. short codes.

  • One- & Two-way Delivery & Bulk Sends

    Send one-way MMS text messages from your application, or converse via MMS with your message recipient. Improve your message conversion rates with bulk MMS via promotions, alerts, and other social engagements.

  • Audio, Picture and Video Messages

    Include multimedia content with your text message: audio (MP3 and MIDI), images (JPEG and GIF), and video (MPEG).

  • Long Texts in One Message

    Send text with up to 2,000 characters in a single MMS message. (SMS messages are limited to 160 characters).

  • API Interface Options

    Rapidly build MMS messaging into your applications and services by interfacing with our easy-to-use RESTful API or with the MM4 or MM7 protocol.

  • Reliable MMS Delivery

    Deliver your MMS messages reliably on the nation’s largest carrier networks—AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile—and other carriers for complete U.S. and Canada coverage. (Short code MMS delivery available in U.S. only.)

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    Customer Support Communications
  • Use case icon
    Brand and Product Promotions
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    Ticket Sales
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    Digital Record Management
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    Price Incentives and Discounts
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    Accident Reporting


  • MMS texting campaigns benefit from higher opt-ins with impressive open rates – between 95-99 percent.

  • Experience significant increases in message sharing.

  • Improve your campaign effectiveness through a rich multimedia experience.

  • Unlike SMS, MMS is capable of delivering 1000's of characters of text in a single message.

  • No mobile app required, increasing high adoption rates.

API & Documentation

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is an extension of the SMS standard. It is a rich multimedia messaging technology which provides audio, video, images and thousands of characters of text within a single message.