Enterprise Features

As your company travels along its path to digital transformation, a robust communications infrastructure becomes an essential backbone to quickly and easily deliver new applications and services. The Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform meets the performance and reliability needs of today's digital enterprise.

High-Performance Gateway

The Aerialink Gateway processes millions of transactions per day at sub-second latencies. With near real-time message processing, Aerialink provides your users a satisfying end user experience and time-sensitive content delivery.

Reliable Message Delivery

Aerialink offers a range of one-way and two-way message delivery options over high-quality, redundant, zero-to-one hop carrier routes. The platform supports carrier delivery acknowledgments and handset delivery receipts and detailed transaction reporting. By choosing secure, high-quality routes globally, our cloud communications platform significantly improves message delivery.

Scalable Platform

Aerialink is designed to elastically scale to your transaction volume needs. The platform allows you to quickly deploy and manage additional services while automatically handling the details of capacity provisioning; load balancing; scaling; and health monitoring. The result is a scalable, flexible system that provides a better user experience.

High Availability

The Aerialink network is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Enterprise-class Connectivity

With the Aerialink platform you get extensive API connectivity options with industry standardized protocols that can be maintained under a single customer account, including HTTPS, SMPP, MM4, and MM7. Your Aerialink account can also be configured with multiple connections and protocols.

Enterprise-Class Security

The authorization model of the Aerialink Gateway is comprised of three key elements: your API authentication credentials, your whitelisted IP server addresses, and account enablement for specific API resources. You can maintain your credentials and whitelisted addresses via our self-service portal.

Multiple Account Management

The platform supports a parent/subaccount structure allowing for greater flexibility in account management. The structure is best suited to enterprises, service providers, agencies and other similar businesses looking to offer messaging connectivity to their clients or departments. The subaccounts provide for a segregated data and activity store, and API access for each customer, with easy access to accounts at the parent level.

“The text communication needs for political campaigns pose significant challenges, requiring high-volume message transmissions over short time periods. We selected Aerialink's multi-channel cloud communications platform to ensure high message delivery rates for all our local, state, and federal campaigns.”

Juliana Lam