“We use Aerialink’s REST API with international sender IDs and localized numbers for reliable, global delivery of SMS. Aerialink is a long-term, proven partner with a rock-solid cloud communications platform.”

Baldev Parida

Key Features & Use Cases

  • Lease Local Numbers

    Lease local long codes and short codes for SMS delivery specific to the markets and countries you need to reach. Aerialink offers a local number inventory for more than 25 countries including the U.S. and Canada. Number setup, activation and fees vary by country.

  • Two-way Delivery

    Send and receive SMS messages to meet all of your texting use case needs. With two-way delivery, your SMS implementation can support best practices including handset opt-out using the universal STOP keyword.

  • High Delivery Rates

    Local numbers have higher delivery rates compared to sending with non-local numbers. Delivery receipts (DLRs) may be requested as an optional parameter via our REST API or from your SMPP submit.

  • Carrier Coverage

    Local numbers reach subscribers with the same country code. Some numbers have international reach beyond country borders, e.g. U.S +1, U.K. +44.

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    Customer Service & Sales
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    Keyword and Auto-response
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    Local Business Presence Even When Remote


  • Using a local number greatly increases deliverability and response rates as opposed to using a non-local number. Non-local numbers in most cases require the subscriber to have an international texting plan with their carrier.

  • Offers convenience to use one API, one platform, and one service provider for multiple number types and global delivery.

API & Documentation

Check our knowledge base of country restrictions and delivery insights to help better understand your market needs and to set your SMS program up for success before you launch.