“Our focus is consumer-centric mobile communication, supporting multiple use cases. We migrated our messaging to Aerialink’s Cloud Communications Platform because they have a best of breed technology that we can rely on, and the API supports messaging over toll free numbers, short codes and long codes.”

Mark Highbaugh Sr.

Key Features & Use Cases

  • Broad Domestic Footprint

    Lease local numbers from Aerialink’s inventory covering a broad footprint of U.S. area codes. Search for numbers in a specific metro area or by area code / NPA utilizing the Aerialink Provisioning API or Web portal. Canadian numbers are also available upon request.

  • Global SMS & MMS

    U.S. and Canadian numbers support two-way SMS globally and MMS picture messages in the U.S. and Canada. Our network also supports SMS from U.S. short codes to Aerialink hosted 10-digit numbers. This delivery typically is only supported by mobile numbers, but we offer this route to your landline and toll-free numbers!

  • Advanced Features

    Forward incoming voice calls automatically. Receive delivery receipts from major carrier networks via API requests or Web portal. Send messages longer than the standard 160 characters using message concatenation.

  • Same Day Provisioning

    Provision new and existing long code numbers for SMS and MMS messaging the same day.

  • Conversational, Two-way Delivery

    Standard long codes work well for conversational texting, and request-response message flows. Great for one-on-one, business-to-customer communications. Utilize for non-bulk messaging only.

  • Quality Long Codes

    Every long code available through Aerialink’s inventory goes through a rigorous screening process. Screening ensures that previous configurations are removed, and that you won’t get unwanted text messages meant for previous owners.

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    Person-to-person Communications
  • Use case icon
    Customer Service
  • Use case icon
    Appointment Confirmations
  • Use case icon
    Request Balance for Banking and Credit Cards
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  • Use case icon
    Capture RSVPs


  • Least-expensive SMS and MMS option for conversational messaging.

  • Rapid provisioning of messaging services.

  • Ideal for business texting with customers, employees, partners, and suppliers.

  • Reach your audience anywhere in the world with two-way message delivery.

API & Documentation

Sending an SMS or MMS is one of the most common tasks performed on the Aerialink® Platform. Sending a message is as simple as POST-ing to the Messages resource, but since it's a common action it's worth walking through in detail below.