Toll-free Numbers (8XX)

Give your customers the choice to call or text your toll-free business numbers.

“Our focus is consumer-centric mobile communication, supporting multiple use cases. We migrated our messaging to Aerialink's Cloud Communications Platform because they have a best of breed technology that we can rely on, and the API supports messaging over toll free numbers, short codes and long codes.”

Mark Highbaugh Sr.

Key Features & Use Cases

Text-enabling or Leasing of Toll-free Numbers

Text-enable your toll-free numbers with Aerialink while maintaining your existing voice provider. Option available to lease toll-free numbers directly from Aerialink. All toll-free prefixes are supported: 800, 833 (new), 844, 855, 866, 877, 888.

A Premium Delivery Route

Deliver a better customer experience using a toll-free route with high message deliverability. Aerialink's premium delivery routes operate with fewer restrictions than standard 10-digit numbers and support more carriers than short codes. Toll-free texting is restricted to the U.S. and Canada.

Robust Provisioning API

Aerialink's provisioning API automates your toll-free text-enabling process. This API is available to qualified customers including Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs), enterprises and service providers with recurring text enablement needs.

Support of Bulk Messaging

Toll-free routes can support high-volume, bulk delivery for service-oriented messaging. (Standard 10-digit numbers are restricted to two-way, conversational messaging.)

Certified Registrar

Aerialink is certified to text-enable toll-free numbers through the toll-free 8XX registry. The toll-free 8XX registry is the authoritative source of all text-enabled toll-free numbers and also provides the routing information used for proper message delivery.

App Support for Sending and Receiving Text Messages

Aerialink offers hosted applications for businesses to manage text conversations with their business line numbers.

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  • Toll-free numbers are flexible as they support multiple traffic types and use cases.

  • Enhances the value and use of your existing, branded toll-free numbers.

  • Empowers RespOrgs, service providers, and enterprises to open a new channel of communication.

  • Delivers continuity by using one number for multiple communications with your customers.

  • Improves the customer experience by escaping infuriating automated phone menus and being put on hold.