“Our focus is consumer-centric mobile communication, supporting multiple use cases. We migrated our messaging to Aerialink’s Cloud Communications Platform because they have a best of breed technology that we can rely on, and the API supports messaging over toll free numbers, short codes and long codes.”

Mark Highbaugh Sr.

Key Features & Use Cases

  • Text-enabling or Leasing of Toll-free Numbers

    Text-enable your toll-free numbers with Aerialink while maintaining your existing voice provider. Option available to lease toll-free numbers directly from Aerialink. All toll-free prefixes are supported: 800, 833 (new), 844, 855, 866, 877, 888.

  • A Premium Delivery Route

    Deliver a better customer experience using a toll-free route with high message deliverability. Aerialink’s premium delivery routes operate with fewer restrictions than standard 10-digit numbers and support more carriers than short codes. Toll-free texting is restricted to the U.S. and Canada.

  • Robust Provisioning API

    Aerialink’s provisioning API automates your toll-free text-enabling process. This API is available to qualified customers including Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs), enterprises and service providers with recurring text enablement needs.

  • Support of Bulk Messaging

    Toll-free routes can support high-volume, bulk delivery for service-oriented messaging. (Standard 10-digit numbers are restricted to two-way, conversational messaging.)

  • Certified Registrar

    Aerialink is certified to text-enable toll-free numbers through the toll-free 8XX registry. The toll-free 8XX registry is the authoritative source of all text-enabled toll-free numbers and also provides the routing information used for proper message delivery.

  • Extended Routing

    Aerialink offers a route upgrade option which enables your 10-digit numbers to receive SMS from short codes. If your 10-digit numbers are used by individuals that receive notifications, this is a great way to differentiate your SMS as many communications providers do not offer this special routing.

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    Customer Service & Sales
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    Reservation Confirmation
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    Registration and Verification PIN


  • Toll-free numbers are flexible as they support multiple traffic types and use cases.

  • Enhances the value and use of your existing, branded toll-free numbers.

  • Empowers RespOrgs, service providers, and enterprises to open a new channel of communication.

  • Delivers continuity by using one number for multiple communications with your customers.

  • Improves the customer experience by escaping infuriating automated phone menus and being put on hold.