Voice Call Forwarding

Don't miss a call! Enable your Aerialink-leased Long Codes with Voice Call Forwarding.

“Aerialink gave me more useful understanding about the various options and their implications than any other company, by far.”

Shawn Saavedra

Key Features & Use Cases

Quick Setup

Use your portal account to connect your leased numbers with call forwarding. It only takes a few seconds.

Forward to a Phone Number

With Aerialink, you can forward your incoming calls to any U.S. or Canadian local phone number. The forwarded number could be the phone number for your customer service center or your local business number.

Forward to a SIP Address

Incoming calls can be forwarded to your SIP URI.

Forward to a Recorded Message

Aerialink allows you to forward a call to a custom audio greeting. Send us your audio recording and we will connect it to your number(s).

Inbound Sales
Inbound Service
Conversational Business Engagement


  • Makes key personnel of your company available even when they are out of the office.

  • Can prevent callers from having to leave unnecessary voice mail messages.

  • Increases your employee's mobility in responding to customer inquiries.

  • Allows your business to expand its perceived presence by having multiple numbers forwarded to the same central location.

  • Aerialink offers convenience in handling voice calls and messaging from a single platform.