Aerialink offers messaging expertise and solutions for Higher Education Institutions (PDF). We are at the forefront of offering a proven SMS messaging platform that supports texting for academic and administrative staff who can ultimately have a transformative effect on a student’s college experience. Aerialink serves over 60 campuses, across 40 metro areas as well as on-line instruction facilities in higher education. The Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform and the award-winning Conversations SP (PDF) application is doing just that. By implementing messaging, you will increase your school’s potential to improve outcomes in enrollment and even graduation, student support, as well as student and faculty engagement.

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How It Works

Aerialink Conversations provides an administrative tool designed for multi-entity setup and deployment, which gives your administrator(s) a high degree of flexibility in how to configure the application for use across school campuses.

Aerialink makes it easy to deploy business messaging through an API that interfaces with your system for text delivery, or through Conversations. The configurable features of Conversations enable business users to tailor user accounts to meet the unique needs of each campus. Conversations comes pre-connected to Aerialink is deployed on campuses of leading multi-campus educational institutions and universities across the United States. With over 11 years in the messaging industry, we offer a complete end-to-end solution for rapid deployment of SMS and MMS messaging. You can use our award-winning Aerialink Conversations application for two-way communications with your students or use the Aerialink API to interface your internal messaging applications with the Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform.

Aerialink’s messaging gateway, ready for message delivery. You can go from zero to launch in a day without the need to tie up IT resources!


  • Wayne State University (WSU) has developed a Broadcast Messaging Service based on Aerialink that delivers priority alerts and other valuable messages to its students, faculty, and staff allowing them to stay up-to-date with campus events that require their attention, as well as critical administrative alerts related to student success. This service is offered to mobile users who choose to opt-in to different interest categories.
  • A carrier-certified 5-digit short code is hosted on the Aerialink platform that can be used to broadcast the text alerts. The WSU system interfaces via API with the Aerialink platform gateway, which delivers the messages across wireless networks to mobile devices.
  • The alerts provide personalized reminders for students, faculty, and staff. For example, to help students remember essential deadlines (that if missed can cost them time and money), The WSU Office of The Registrar sends reminders right before academic cut-off dates. Grade posting alerts are another popular service with students. The Computing & Information Technology staff at WSU receives system alerts via text, and course changes are also announced to those who subscribe to that interest category.
  • Aerialink Conversations’ Agent Restriction setting is enabled to ensure that admission reps only initiate texting with candidates who have opted-in.
  • The Auto-Assignment feature maintains continuity of student-to-admission rep assignment to ensure clear conversation ownership.
  • The Quick Replies feature allows Conversations users to insert pre-written text into a SMS message, thereby providing message consistency and control.
  • Supports both one-on-one conversations and one-to-many messages sent to a distribution list of students or alumni.
  • Supports message forwarding to your email inbox and mobile messaging app — from where you can also reply.
  • You can easily add a Click-to-Text button to your website to help users initiate conversations.
  • Conversations messages can be shared via API with a 3rd party compliance analysis platform for daily analysis of all text communications.


  • Texting to existing toll-free and standard business phone numbers opens up an important new customer channel that benefits your customers and your business.
  • As a complete end-to-end solution, Conversations allows you to quickly get to market and differentiate your customer service to improve customer satisfaction and grow revenues.
  • Conversations not only offers one-to-one and one-to-many texting, but augments it with powerful team collaboration and workflow features to support small and large businesses.
  • Customers gain visibility of their business-to-customer communications through a centrally managed solution.





Aerialink Conversations is a full-featured, business-class application designed for your teams to centrally manage all their business texting conversations.



With Aerialink Email-to-SMS, you can quickly and easily send emails and have your customers and staff receive them as SMS messages.



With Aerialink Landline-to-Mobile, text messages sent to your business number are automatically forwarded by Aerialink to your mobile number, from which you can reply.