Aerialink offers messaging expertise and solutions for the travel and hospitality industry (PDF). As texting continues to top the communications charts as the most popular channel in the world, the business-class applications and platforms used to manage text conversations become increasingly importantOptimizing the way your teams manage conversations is key to guest satisfaction, especially for travel and hospitality organizations whose customers are mobile.

The Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform and the award-winning Conversations SP (PDF) application is doing just that. Aerialink serves the hospitality industry with business texting solutions that support customer engagementprovide touchpoints throughout the guest journey, and streamline communications with travel partners and employees.


Aerialink Conversations

How It Works

Aerialink Conversations is an award-winning SaaS application that empowers businesses to centrally manage texting across their entire organization. From small properties to large worldwide resort contact centers, Conversations is designed for teams on the front line to engage with customers from the first touchpoints in marketing and sales all the way through the post-checkout.

Response time to customer inquiries is key and can mean the difference between engagement and reservation abandonment. Real time texting can be the quickest way to secure a booking, and with the Click-to-Text feature, visitors that land on your website or online ads can immediately start a text chat with your support team. The Automated Text Routing (ATR) feature gets your guest inquiries assigned quickly with the option of five routing methods.

Whether your business is striving to enhance the customer experience, optimize sales conversions, upsell the length of stay, or gain repeat guests, well-managed and relevant text messaging benefits both sides of the conversation. Knowing how to best serve and communicate with your guests is key to having them come back. 


  • Give your website visitors a convenient way to initiate a text conversation real-time using Click-to-Text. Customer inquiries driven by online offers can be addressed immediately by clicking a button to start a text chat with a live agent.
  • Travel organizations with third-party partners such as hospitality brands, airlines, attractions, car rental companies, and online tourism providers can create new and improved guest experiences as well as aid in the coordination of vacation details through enhanced communications. 
  • Send event-triggered reservation confirmations, booking modifications, cancellations, special promotions, loyalty-relevant redemptions, point updates, and upgrade options, etc. 
  • Enhanced team collaboration is supported through internal memos, shared inbox viewsmessage transfer, and flexible team segmentation options, all supported through any web-connected device. 
  • Guests can text keywords to automatically route their inquiry to specific departments
  • Conversations can also fast-track your team's productivity using intelligent auto-replies, personalized outbound campaigns, customer waiting alerts, and pre-written message inserts.
  • Texting is not limited to B2C and B2B conversations – it can also keep your workforce productive and communicativeresulting in faster guest resolution For example, if a guest requests special amenities at check-in, the front desk staff can follow up with the responsible department to validate completion of the request.  
  • Intelligent automation features and flexible workflows boost team responsiveness to guests as well as improves productivity.


  • Texting to existing toll-free and standard business phone numbers opens up an important new customer channel that benefits your customers and your business.
  • As a complete end-to-end solution, Conversations allows you to quickly get to market and differentiate your customer service to improve customer satisfaction and grow revenues.
  • Conversations not only offers one-to-one and one-to-many texting, but augments it with powerful team collaboration and workflow features to support small and large businesses.
  • Customers gain visibility of their business-to-customer communications through a centrally managed solution.





Aerialink Conversations is a full-featured, business-class application designed for your teams to centrally manage all their business texting conversations.



With Aerialink Email-to-SMS, you can quickly and easily send emails and have your customers and staff receive them as SMS messages.



With Aerialink Landline-to-Mobile, text messages sent to your business number are automatically forwarded by Aerialink to your mobile number, from which you can reply.