Aerialink® offers messaging expertise and solutions for property and casualty, life, health care, and commercial insurers (PDF). There are multiple dimensions in a messaging initiative with a mix of regulations, carrier best practices, message traffic types, and nuances and restrictions by country. The tools insurers provide to their workforce must keep pace. The Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform and the award-winning Conversations SP (PDF) application is doing just that. Leveraging the work we’ve done with other insurers and global enterprises, you will have a partner with proven solutions, depth in the messaging industry, global reach to mobile carriers, and a comprehensive portfolio of messaging services.

Aerialink Conversations

How It Works

Amongst Aerialink’s 150+ customers is a significant US-based insurance company in the Property and Casualty Insurance market. The company has interfaced with the Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform to introduce conversational text messaging between insurance agents and their consumers.

To do so, they text-enable agents’ phone numbers in the agency of offices across the United States. They also developed a custom texting application — that interfaces with Aerialink’s messaging API — allowing agents to text customers from any device using their business numbers.

Like many other companies, this Aerialink customer is benefiting from the high open and response rates of text messages compared to voice and email communications. Their agents often use texting to confirm an appointment, provide status on a claim, provide answers to customer inquiries, to ask for supporting documentation, or to remind them about a payment. Customers get back to their agents’ questions in a more timely fashion with texting, which gives agents more time to focus on other tasks.

The insurer also uses messaging across their operations for one-time passwords, employee input, various agent to customer alerts, and as a communications channel in the agent recruiting process.


  • Marketing Campaigns - Another Aerialink customer is a life insurance company that uses the Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform for marketing lead generation purposes. One of their successful SMS campaigns provided comparisons on how the company does life insurance and annuities differently than their competitors. The prospect then replied to the text with their ZIP CODE so that a local agent could contact them.
  • Getting Important Feedback - One of Aerialink’s customers in the healthcare industry uses business texting to initiate a surgery follow up for patient outcomes and provides recurring pre- and post-op assessments. It is used to essentially reflect the “voice of the patient” and is a process to collect patient-reported outcomes before surgery, and at various intervals for 5 years after surgery. Texting prompts the patient at each interval with a link to the assessment tools. SMS is so universal and standard on mobile phones that it has great coverage and longevity to reach patients years down the road.
  • Shortening the Claims Processing Cycle - Take, for example, the process of filing an insurance claim for a car. Traditionally this meant the applicant calling a claims hotline, holding five or more minutes before speaking with an agent, and then spending an additional 20 minutes or so to report a claim. In today’s digital world, consumers want to let their claims in the most efficient way possible i.e. take a picture of their damaged vehicle and send an MMS message to their insurance agent to start the claims process; schedule the car repair and an appointment with a claims adjuster; receive text updates on the claim status; and receive the claim check online.
  • Configurable account setup , no I.T. skill required - Every business is different, and so their communications work flows and needs may be unique to their particular operation. Conversations SP gives you flexibility to tailor the application through You can use the Admin user interface, with no I.T. skills needed. If you are a RespOrg and use the 8MS Cloud toll free provisioning platform, you can setup Conversations accounts through that UI.
  • Conversations Account Provisioning API - Shrink the time needed to setup accounts by automating the provisioning of multi-entities. This API allows for programmatic access to the Conversations configuration data. Large organizations with many entities or properties can automate account setup.
  • Allows you to assign a conversation to an agent group or another individual.
  • Supports both one-on-one conversations and one-to-many messages sent to a distribution list of customers.
  • Supports message forwarding to your email inbox and mobile messaging app — from where you can also reply.
  • You can easily add a Click-to-Text button to your website to help users initiate conversations.
  • Connect sensors with SMS to help insurers get more insight into damage prevention, and the development of new smart products enabled by Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Enables application white-labeling for service providers and qualified, large end customers.


  • Texting to existing toll-free and standard business phone numbers opens up an important new customer channel that benefits your customers and your business.

  • As a complete end-to-end solution, Conversations allows you to quickly get to market and differentiate your customer service to improve customer satisfaction and grow revenues.

  • Conversations not only offers one-to-one and one-to-many texting, but augments it with powerful team collaboration and workflow features to support small and large businesses.

  • Customers gain visibility of their business-to-customer communications through a centrally managed solution.



Aerialink Advantage

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High-performance Gateway

Aerialink supports real-time delivery of SMS and MMS messaging globally with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

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Reliable Message Delivery

Aerialink offers a range of two-way and one-way message delivery options over high-quality routes with reach to over 1,200 mobile network operators worldwide.

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Aerialink takes a hands-on, consultative approach to new customer onboarding and provides the industry's most responsive technical support.