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  • Rigorously designed, high-performance carrier-grade network delivered as SaaS
  • A long-standing partnership approach to servicing customers
  • Unmatched industry expertise with a strong commitment to simplifying the complexities inherent in SMS ecosystem.
  • Optimum deliverability with low latency = high speed transaction processing. Customers can attain higher delivery performance processing greater transaction volumes.
  • Easy to interface: a well-designed API makes it easy to use and leaves you with more time to focus on your business.
  • Worldwide delivery. Delivery to over 220 countries and 1400 mobile network operators, and 7.3billion mobiles. Routes include both two-way conversational and one-way bulk.

With your free trial you can

A true partnership in messaging

Our team of experts offers a full spectrum of support delivering everything from dedicated account management, guidance on everything messaging, high-touch onboarding and implementation training, and highly responsive provisioning and support for your day to day needs.

Dedicated account managers

As part of our customer partnership initiatives, every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager for continued follow-through, peace of mind, as well as a direct hotline to text, call or email!  Account Managers, like all of our employees are empowered to make changes to help build a strong relationship.

Scale with confidence!

Scalability is one of the most important features of our communications platform. To accommodate user demands and requests we are taking advantage of all that cloud infrastructure offers and continue to build a scalable platform. It’s an on-going process where our platform receives continuous system updates and changes. Our message processor accommodates changes in volume.

We process an average of 500 million transactions per month and growing at a rate 15% every month.

Carrier-grade gateway

The gateway always provides transaction integrity:  Adapting to the increasing volume and complexity of transactions requires an ongoing assessment of the current way of supporting transactions. Part of our work is to do everything to ensure the transaction goes through. This means making subtle changes to the request sent to the gateway, selecting the right character encoding, being smart in how we retry messages when a transaction is not accepted by the carrier, and managing the queue with on-demand workers that handle the processing.

Capture Events

A real differentiator - Provides outbound message timestamps along the journey of the message life cycle.

Worldwide delivery

"Connecting the world” - Delivery to over 220 countries and 1400 mobile network operators, and 7.3billion mobiles. Routes include both two-way conversational and one-way bulk.

Extensive connectivity options

Aerialink understands that message processing is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Options from a single platform means you don’t have to contract with multiple providers to meet your on-going requirements.

Built with a purpose

Features that meet YOUR needs. Developed with the purpose of meeting your pain points in messaging, and turning them around into innovation on our platform.  Many of our features are driven by customers’ needs challenges.

Enjoy the Aerialink Advantage

High performance gateway rocket

High-performance Gateway

Aerialink supports real-time delivery of SMS and MMS messaging globally with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Global delivery icon

Reliable Message Delivery

Aerialink offers a range of two-way and one-way message delivery options over high-quality routes with reach to over 1,200 mobile network operators worldwide.

Superior Support icon

Superior Customer Support

Aerialink takes a hands-on, consultative approach to new customer onboarding and provides the industry's most responsive technical support.