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Short Code Routing to 10-Digit Numbers Has Arrived!

This anticipated routing upgrade is now available through Aerialink! Did you know that there are approximately 9000 U.S. common short codes registered to brands?  Short code messages are a really convenient way for people to receive value-added services from businesses.  Brands attempt to send short codes messages to opted-in wireless and wireline number subscribers.  But if those wireline numbers aren’t hosted on a platform that can receive those messages, then the number subscribers don’t have a chance of… Read more »

Integrations Highlights – Practice Panther

Making Legal Life Easier Like Aerialink and CSF Corporation, Practice Panther is an Alpine Software Group SaaS company offering Legal Management Software to law practices.  We joined forces on a recent integration project.  Law firms are now able to take advantage of conversational texting to improve their attorney and client communications.

All SMS Routes Are Not Created Equal

Important messages from short codes can now be received on your Aerialink-hosted numbers Are you a service provider offering a direct messaging application that utilizes U.S. 10-digit numbers? Are you a service provider / reseller of Aerialink Conversations applications? If so, you now have an opportunity to gain an edge on your competition.  Aerialink is… Read more »

What a Difference A Conversation Can Make

Broadcast Messaging Improvements We are excited to announce added improvements to the highly used Distribution List feature (the feature used to send a broadcast message).

Setting Your Business Apart

Use Automatic Text Routing (ATR) For Improved Response Times Increasingly, consumers want and expect immediate answers to their inquiries.  They reach for the device in their pocket, and can get instant answers by asking Siri, or using a search engine.  But what happens when they text your business directly for answers?

Never Miss a Text – Round Robin Routing

Business texting is hot!  But how do you manage hundreds or even thousands of inbound text inquiries? Aerialink Conversations’ customers have been using Automated Text Routing methods for years, but one recently released method is getting a lot of attention and adoption at the moment: Round Robin Routing.

Smart Routing Keeps Getting Smarter with Aerialink

From the start, Aerialink Conversations has been focused on versatility which has been driven by an on-going stream of customer requests that powers our release cycles. Today, we would like to tell you about our latest, customer-driven feature for Automatic Text Routing which delivers versatility by adding two new routing methods.

Expert Corner: The Do’s & Don’ts with Texting within TCPA Guidelines

Texting is one of the most convenient ways for people to interact. That’s true for business-to-consumer chats as well as consumer-to-consumer chats. With texts having a 98% open rate and a response time averaging just 90 seconds, business can’t help but look at text messaging as a required communication channel.

The Evolution of Business Texting (Infographic)

From two-word messages sent between software developers to the world’s most effective means of communication, business texting started from humble beginnings. Check out this infographic to learn more about the history of business texting and see how it developed into the integral communications tool it is today.

There’s No Reason to Wait on Texting

There’s never been a better time to adopt texting as a channel to communicate with your customers. I recently returned from a conference looking to educate people on the texting capabilities Aerialink offers. While speaking with people, I was surprised by the number of people who said they were aware of texting but were 3-4… Read more »