• Use MMS to streamline the claims process.
  • Send out bill reminders and text-to-pay messages.
  • Use SMS as a promotional tool to reach out to prospective clients and engaging existing ones.
  • Ask for feedback and rating of your service.

Educational Institutions

  • Use bulk SMS services for notifying staff, students, and parents about various programs, events and activities.
  • Send notifications to students with their courses and locations.
  • Send out alerts about school closings, suspicious campus activities or dangerous hazards.
  • Engage admission reps with prospective students in conversational messaging.
  • Provide a student-professor messaging forum for class engagement.
  • Notify students about assignments, deadlines, upcoming test dates and projects.

Automotive Dealerships

  • Use Aerialink's Click2Text feature for lead generation.
  • Inform customers of their vehicle repair order status (ROS) using Aerialink's Conversations application.
  • Send out a SMS notification when your customer's car is ready for pickup.
  • Set up real-time texting for your Sales and Support teams for better customer service.
  • Notify prospects when a car that meets their specifications is available.


  • Send reservation confirmations to automate accommodation bookings for guests.
  • Use conversational messaging for bookings and upgrade opportunities.
  • Send out promotional offers and integrate with loyalty programs.
  • Use texting for concierge service communications.
  • Automate hotel check-in and check-out processes.
  • Receive texts from guests when they are ready for valet parking.

Regional Banking

  • Provide SMS services for account balances, deposits, fund transfers between accounts, and latest account transactions.
  • Offer account alerts that allow your customers to monitor their finances, help them avoid overdrafts and provide login status information for security purposes.
  • Inform your customers about special promotions, and when interest rates drop below a certain threshold.

Home Service Providers

  • Confirm repair appointments and inform clients about your technicians expected arrival times.
  • Set up live texting support for better customer service.
  • Receive pictures via MMS of home equipment parts that need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Send out promotional offers and coupons.

Call Center Services

  • Text-enable your call service center for conversational two-way customer interactions globally.
  • Use SMS to deliver self-service for well-defined requests.
  • Allow customers to provide feedback messages.

Property Management

  • Coordinate showings and respond to prospect inquiries.
  • Remind owners and renters about future payments.
  • Alert them about facility maintenance and cleaning schedules, when they receive a package or a guest has arrived.
  • Remind them of upcoming street cleaning and snow removal dates.
  • Use MMS to promote upcoming events, open houses, and private showing dates.
  • Use conversational texting to receive inquiries from tenants.

Travel and Transport Providers

  • Send status alerts about flight or train schedule changes, pickup confirmations and driver details.
  • Inform clients about additional destination services.
  • Use MMS to send travel itineraries and reservation confirmations.
  • Use SMS and MMS messaging services for promotional campaigns.

SaaS Vendors

  • Embed messaging services into your SaaS application offering.
  • Enhance your existing SaaS application with message alerts, two-factor password authentication, and other notifications.
  • Use Aerialink's Email-to-SMS feature to send system-generated notifications via SMS that would normally use an email channel.

Events and Entertainment

  • Send alert messages for ticket sales, venue and schedule changes, and special openings.
  • Send marketing messages to announce new events, last minute promotions, and ticket availabilities.
  • Send reminder notifications with important event and venue information.
  • Use texting for communications with sponsors, promoters, volunteers, planners and security staff.
  • Engage your audience with recurring content from their favorite TV series and movies, casts, and release schedules.

Internet of Things (IoT) across Industries

  • Have your connected IoT device send an SMS with diagnostic information when there is a break down.
  • Send out automatic maintenance alerts for your product.
  • Control IoT devices and appliances via SMS commands.