Integrations Highlights – Practice Panther

Making Legal Life Easier

Like Aerialink and CSF Corporation, Practice Panther is an Alpine Software Group SaaS company offering Legal Management Software to law practices.  We joined forces on a recent integration project.  Law firms are now able to take advantage of conversational texting to improve their attorney and client communications.

Nudging a client with a text to remind them of a court date, or to sign legal documents is a great way to improve response times, and is convenient for a client to text their inquiries through their mobile.  Attorney’s use Aerialink Conversations SaaS to send and receive messages.  The messages are stored real-time via Aerialink API in their Practice Panther account.  By including text messages in their communications hub, the law practice team sees a 360-degree view of all customer communications in one place.  The centralized hub enables the law firm to collaborate more efficiently, be more responsive to clients, and best of all, they can bill for the time they spend texting with clients.

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