Lease Local Numbers

Lease local long codes and short codes for SMS delivery specific to the markets and countries you need to reach. Aerialink offers a local number inventory for more than 25 countries including the U.S. and Canada. Number setup, activation and fees vary by country.

Two-way Delivery

Send and receive SMS messages to meet all of your texting use case needs. With two-way delivery, your SMS implementation can support best practices including handset opt-out using the universal STOP keyword.

High Delivery Rates

Local numbers have higher delivery rates compared to sending with non-local numbers. Delivery receipts (DLRs) may be requested as an optional parameter via our REST API or from your SMPP submit.

Carrier Coverage

Local numbers reach subscribers with the same country code. Some numbers have international reach beyond country borders, e.g. U.S +1, U.K. +44.