Get Subscriber Network Information

Provides real-time subscriber network information. Reveals if a number is mobile or fixed landline; the name of the carrier; if the number has been ported; the active / invalid status of a number; the date last updated, and more. Get Additional Info for Country Code +1 Lookup state, city, and time zone information for U.S…. Read more »

Increase Delivery Success

Optimizes the integrity of your subscription lists. Cleanses your lists and improves routing before sending outbound messages and voice calls. Verifies if a phone number is valid, reachable, and accessible by a subscriber.

Mitigate TCPA Risk Exposure

Proactively monitors phone number reassignments to mitigate risk exposure for FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) one-call exemptions. Helps protect your company to limit a call or text to a reassigned number only once.

Worldwide Coverage

Uses the trusted Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) registry, a common, authoritative database to enable local number portability (LNP) in the United States and Canada. Merges LNP data from other countries and all publicly available telephone networks. The NPAC is the most comprehensive number system in the world with +1.2M real-time broadcasts of additions, changes,… Read more »

Verify Number Format

Allows you to verify the format and validity of numbers anywhere in the world before sending messages or voice calls.

Pay Per Use

Simple pricing; pay for what you use. No minimum volume, no credits, no bundling. Post-paid accounts available for qualified customers; deposit may be required.