Query Available Numbers

Enables service providers to search for available U.S. standard numbers by state and city, or by area code (NPA).

Assign Numbers in Real-time

The API allows you to programmatically assign numbers with SMS and MMS services to your Aerialink account. Use the API as part of your provisioning flow to expose numbers to your customers in real-time on your service provider platform.

Text-enable Your Numbers

U.S. and Canadian standard business line numbers and DIDs will be live on your account typically within 15 minutes. Toll-free numbers activated within 15 minutes to 3 days depending on the TSS Registry approval.

Multimedia Messaging Services

The API allows you to add MMS (picture messaging) service to your standard U.S. and Canadian numbers. MMS messaging works for both leased numbers and numbers that you bring.

Certified Registrar

Aerialink is a Certified Registrar for the text-enablement of toll-free and standard numbers. We follow best practices and use authoritative number registries to maintain number integrity. The Number Provisioning API is intended for qualified service providers, Resp Orgs, and large partners.