Worldwide Coverage

The Aerialink Cloud Communications Platform reaches 99% of the world's mobile subscribers while connecting you to more than 1,200 mobile networks across the globe. Our network allows you to engage with over 7.4 billion subscribers in almost every country.

Message Delivery

Aerialink uses high-quality commercial routes for global message delivery and helps you eliminate the guesswork associated with message restrictions peculiar to each country including character encoding sets, route options, and deliverability.

International Bulk Delivery

To support high-volume, high-throughput message deliveries, Aerialink offers alphanumeric sender IDs that allow you to set your company name or brand as the sender ID when sending one-way SMS messages to supported countries. You can also use a 2-way route with dedicated or shared short codes in supported countries.

International Local Numbers

Aerialink offers local, two-way long codes from many countries. Messages sent with local numbers guarantee higher delivery rates compared to non-local numbers and provide a better end-user experience. For conversational messaging or request/response messaging, local numbers are the preferred choice for establishing your business and brand in any of the countries that Aerialink's network supports.

U.S. and Canadian Numbers

You can reach your international customers with 10-digit U.S. and Canadian numbers as well. We would love to talk to you about your particular use case to see if using a 10-digit U.S. or Canadian number would be the right choice for your needs.


Aerialink Advantage

High performance gateway rocket

High-performance Gateway

Aerialink supports real-time delivery of SMS and MMS messaging globally with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Global delivery icon

Reliable Message Delivery

Aerialink offers a range of two-way and one-way message delivery options over high-quality routes with reach to over 1,200 mobile network operators worldwide.

Superior Support icon

Superior Customer Support

Aerialink takes a hands-on, consultative approach to new customer onboarding and provides the industry's most responsive technical support.