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mobile communications offerings in the world.

Give customers the choice to text or call your business number.

Transform your 800 number or your standard business number to a TEXT Number.

Text Enable eXisting Telephone Number

Global SMS Delivery

Carrier grade messaging gateway / SMSC
Reach to over 1,200 wireless networks
Reliable, quality routes
1-way and 2-way delivery
Bulk sends
Delivery Receipts


Send and receive pictures, video, and audio in the US using a short code or a 10-digit number.

Location Services

Location API sends your application the approximate location of a mobile device on the cellular network. Use it to verify location, trigger messaging within a specified proximity, or serve up services based on mobile device location. Reach to 360 million devices nationwide.

Number Lookup

A current and accurate number profile for the end-user is an important element to ensure successful delivery of messaging or voice communications. This API-based query service provides the profile and service provider data for any telephone number (mobile, landline, satellite) that is operating on an active network.

Numbers & Codes

US Short Code
5-6 Digits
Long Code
North American +1 Number
Standard TEXT Number
Text Enable Your eXisting Telephone Number
8XX TEXT Number
Text Enable Your eXisting Telephone Number
Canadian Short Code
5-7 Digits
Int’l Numbers
Registered & Alphanumeric
5XX Non-Geographic
Area code not tied to geographic location
8XX TEXT Number
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